Terraquest Ltd is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Nuvia Dynamics to operate the NuTEM™ Airborne Electromagnetic System, the next generation of helicopter EM systems designed for Very High Resolution (VHR) and Intermediate Depth.

NuTEM Image
Image of Loop Transmitter System with Helicopter. Features on-board power generation and ease-of-flight for low noise and high signal quality


Nu-TEM is a versatile, novel time-domain helicopter electromagnetic system well suited for mineral exploration. The system is a special Slingram configuration which provides results that are largely free of the transmitter dipole moment – remaining effects are ideally removed in software.


NuTEM™ system features:

  • Powerful, compact transmitter with smooth-fly characteristics for low noise
  • Three axis receiver with X, Y and Z components fully resolved and noise-free
  • Digital data acquisition via the NUVIA Dynamics’ IMPAC system with full system control
  • Lightweight for easy transport and operation with streamlined vertical lift
  • Full wavelength recorded data for custom extraction and processing
  • Windows configurable for different geologic targets


This powerful form of Electromagnetic prospecting delivers a number of unique benefits:

  • Enhanced geologic resolution for finely detailed conductors and structure
  • Intermediate depth penetration suitable for many prospective exploration sites
  • Light weight and low-noise profile in flight and in measurement of X, Y and Z responses
  • Comprehensive software capabilities for data extraction and initial windowing


This powerful form of Electromagnetic prospecting delivers a number of unique benefits:

  • Compact footprint for better defined anomaly positioning
  • Stable, rigid platform for noise reduction in X, Y and Z data
  • Optimal loop size for exploring in rugged terrain