Structural Multi-View

The Structural Multi-view system is outfitted with single sensor Cesium Magnetometer, a single PEI Radiometric Crystal Pack and an XDS VLF-EM three coil system that utilizes multiple orientations of VLF electromagnetic waves/signals produced by naval transmitters.

Why Structural Multi-View?

  • Cost effective, detailed structural mapping tool
  • Ideal for low speed, low altitude survey applications
  • Unique, exceptionally low level, single pack radiometrics
  • Ideal for remote locations and rugged mountainous terrain
  • Portable system, easily shipped, requires little setup time
  • Can utilize local helicopters and pilots in the destination country for reduced costs
  • Compliments other EM surveys such as VTEM and Time Domain
  • Confirms fault and magnetic mapping
  • Confirms geological trends

Detailed Structural Maps

Terraquest’s Structural Multi-View System can output highly detailed data sets necessary to produce maps that can outline very fine surface structures. Our processing software allows our Geophysicists to produce clean and concise maps.