King Air C90


Terraquest owns and operates a King Air C90, which is an ideal platform for carrying out airborne geophysical survey in demanding conditions.

Geophysical Equipment:

  • Positioning: Accurate real-time corrected differential GPS navigation and data recovery
  • Magnetics: Horizontal Gradiometer (Up to three cesium magnetometers)
  • Radiometrics: Advanced digital, automatic gain stabilization spectrometer with individual crystal processing; 5 crystals/pack and up to three packs
  • New Matrix Digital VLF-EM (data can be inverted to produce resistivity maps, sections and depth slices for each frequency)
  • Gravity (GT2A), have completed over 216,000 line km since 2009
  • Lidar

The King Air C90 Survey Environments:

  • Reliable Offshore survey acquisition
  • Remote survey locations with significant ferry distances
  • Mountainous regions and challenging terrain such as high altitude surveys
  • Regions where only Jet A fuel is available (no economical access to Avgas 100 LL)

The King Air C90 Logistics and Benefits:

  • Large payload for multiple sensor acquisition
  • IFR equipped with reliable and powerful twin PT6-21 turbine engines
  • Ubiquitous Jet A Fuel readily found worldwide
  • Expeditious ferry speed and extended range capabilities permit remote operations
  • Equipped with the long range tanks capable of carrying up to six hours of fuel on survey.
  • Capable of slow surveying with a Nominal Terrain Clearance of 80 m
  • Significant climb and high altitude performance
  • Operates under full Canadian Ministry of Transport approval and certification for specialty flying including airborne geophysical surveys.
  • Low maintenance with 200 hour scheduled inspections
  • Maintained by a regulatory AMO facility, Enterprise Aviation of Oshawa, ON.