Helicopter Horizontal Gradient Magnetics


Three high-resolution cesium vapour magnetometers, manufactured by Scintrex are mounted in a 7.3m long nose boom and two side booms that attach to the skid gear. This permits the acquisition of horizontal gradient magnetics to enhance the magnetic resolution between the survey lines and the application of TQ’s advanced gridding techniques and attitude correction.

Geophysical Equipment:

  • Positioning: Accurate real-time corrected differential GPS navigation and data recovery
  • Magnetics: Horizontal Gradiometer (three cesium magnetometers)
  • New Matrix Digital VLF-EM (data can be inverted to produce resistivity maps, sections and depth slices for each frequency)
  • Radiometrics: Advanced digital, automatic gain stabilization spectrometer with individual crystal processing; 4 crystals/pack, one pack (16.8 litres down)

Terraquest’s tri-boom magnetic system can be shipped globally and installed on numerous small helicopter models such as:

Bell 206L “Long Ranger”
Bell 206L-1
Bell 206L-3
Bell 206L-4
Eurocopter AStar series
AS 350B2
AS 350B3
AS 350BA
AS 350D
AS 350D

Benefits of the Helicopter Systems include:

  • Portability – system can be shipped globally for easy installation on many models
  • Safety – stinger is fixed to the Heli itself, not slung on a long line in danger of snagging and ground strikes, resulting in costly delays
  • Flexibility with regard to Geophysical equipment capability
  • Ability to access remote high altitude survey locations
  • Low terrain clearance acquisition resulting in high quality data
  • Excellent track record of quality data acquisition