Ground Base Station

Base Station Magnetometer

Terraquest has both high sensitivity Scintrex cesium sensors as well as a number of Overhauser magnetometers manufactured by GEM Systems Ltd. Sensors such as the Cs-3 and Cs-L provide high sensitivity measurements, while the GSM-19 magnetometer sensors are used for less demanding situations. All base stations use GPS time synchronization at 1 second intervals. Data is recorded in real time using a variety of DAS systems. The time stamp for the magnetic base station is taken directly for the GPS ground receiver to ensure that it correlates with the airborne equipment.

EM Base Station

Recognizing the importance of both natural field and man-made EM signal VLF diurnal variations, Terraquest has developed its own proprietary method of recording and interpreting these EM signal variations. This unique system is supplied on surveys that require XDS VLF-EM data reduction as part of the contract specifications. This EM capability is under continuous development in order to provide superior quality EM data to our clients.