Data Aquisition Systems

Terraquest’s ever-expanding technical capability and strategic affiliation with associated geoscientific groups, provides for unsurpassed capability to match each of our client’s specific needs. Terraquest’s primary Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) is the DAARC500 by RMS Instruments which Terraquest has installed on all of its owned aircrafts. However, Terraquest also utilizes several other technologies including the AGIS 100 from Pico Envirotec Inc. as well as the SDAS system from Kroum VS Instruments Ltd. Each system is designed to provide optimum performance for specific project requirements. They are robust, reliable and suitable for field support with a minimum of maintenance.


Designed and Manufactured by RMS Instruments, the DAARC500 is the most innovative, comprehensive and flexible data acquisition system available today. The system offers the ultimate in aeromagnetic compensation together with comprehensive and flexible data acquisition and recording. The DAARC500 is ideally suited to airborne geophysical applications, offering unparalleled performance, accuracy and reliability.

Features include:

  • Real time graphical display
  • Up to 8 magnetometer inputs
  • Real-time compensation of pitch, roll, yaw and heading effects – total fields and gradients
  • Adaptive signal processing techniques, improved compensation and simplified calibration procedures
  • 32 bit state of the art HW & FW architecture based on advanced 32-bit processors
  • 16 differential analog inputs
  • High resolution self calibrating A/D converter

Benefits include:

  • Immediate quality control, onboard the aircraft in real time
  • Immediate notification of any changes in the aircraft’s magnetic signature or magnetic drop-outs which can be identified and corrected as they occur.
  • Reliability is field proven, tried and true.
  • No post flight signal processing is required
  • Separate calibrations for each heading are not required
  • No need for post flight corrections Specs courtesy of RMS


Terraquest has helped advance the evolution of a novel and simple data acquisition system supplied by Kroum VS Instruments Ltd. that is designed specifically for airborne survey contractors. The Kroum Small Data Acquisition System (SDAS) uses commercially available Pocket PC technology such as an HP Ipaq 2210 Pocket PC data logger that records data on a 512M compact flash card.

Features include:

  • All geophysical data is tagged precisely with the UTC time from the GPS with pps synchronization for variable lag corrections.
  • Using a KMAG up to 4 mag sensors are recorded with a resolution of 1 Picotesla (0.001 gamma), note this is a pure magnetic data acquisition system without any filtering, using 2 KANA 8’s, 16 channels of analog data using individual channel 24 bit ADCs for selectable resolutions to a maximum of +/- 1 microvolt.
  • Analog channel sample rate can either be established to be identical to magnetometer sample interval or set up to be application specific at rates up to 200 Hz. (i.e.: 16 analog channels recorded at 200hz with magnetic data set at 10hz).

Benefits include:

  • Four channel graphical display of recorded data
  • Adjustable vertical scale that is user selectable.
  • Adjustable horizontal scale based upon selected KMAG4 sample interval.
  • Data are recorded exactly as acquired, without filtering.
  • Data sets are recorded during aircraft turns.
  • Specs courtesy of Kroum VS Instruments Ltd.

GPS Receiver: Trimble AG132 receiver with roof mounted antenna records at the rate of 5 Hz. Real time GPS correction is obtained from Omnistar broadcast services through the same time receiver. The resultant 3 – 4 m accuracy enables tight line intervals commonly flown at 50 m line spacing or less.

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