Interested in a Career at Terraquest?

Terraquest typically hires;

  • Processing Geophysicists (Experience with Geosoft preferred)
  • Field Geophysicists (Willing to travel, Experience with Geosoft preferred)
  • Pilots (Single engine, twin piston, and Twin turbine (captain and copilot), see below for Pilot hours.
  • Airborne Geophysical Operators

Now Hiring;

Typical Experience Required for Airborne Geophysical Operators; Field Position
The primary duties of an Airborne Operator are to operate, maintain and document geophysical instruments on board both fixed wing and helicopter survey platforms. Instruments involved are magnetometers, EM instruments, gamma ray spectrometers, radar and barometric altimeters, GPS systems with navigation and pilot guidance capability and video flight path recovery systems. Additional instruments may be added depending on the contractual requirements. Post flight checking of recorded data is required —ie videos, CF content, charts, flight logs. Willingness to travel for six week periods.

Typical Required Pilot Experience;

  1. Single engine; ~750 total hours (Cessna 206)
  2. Twin piston; ~1000 total, 500 hours on twin, 50 on type (Piper Navajo)
  3. Twin turbine; ~1000 total, 500 hours on turbine or multi, 50 on type (Beechcraft King Air 90)
  4. Northern and survey experience are preferred

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